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Providing retreat, rejuvenation, and renewal opportunities for survivors and for the front-line staff of human trafficking organizations so they can continue the work of recovery.

RENEWING the STAFF of existing human trafficking organizations

Recognizing that these front-line heroes need space to renew and rejuvenate, we provide overnight staff retreats customized to the needs of each individual organization.  This may involve team building activities, art or recreational activities, individual retreat space, “play” time, etc., all in the context of our beautiful lakeside town of Ludington.  Retreats vary depending on the needs and interests of the participants. 


RENEWING SURVIVORS currently in recovery

We provide space for organizations to bring survivors for day trip experiences in  Ludington.  Similar to the retreats mentioned above, Ziva hosts clients in Ludington in an experience tailored to their needs.  Some may be focused on “pampering” at local hair and spa services; others may be focused on artistic endeavors like painting or clay sculpting with local artists; others may involve hiking or swimming at the lake.  Space such as this offers much needed rest and reflection opportunities for survivors who have been working hard at recovery. 

Providing wholisitic, survivor-centered resources, services, and mentoring that help women in later stages of recovery transition to independent living.

We are working hard to prepare the resources and pathways to support survivors in the in the later stages of recovery.  We aspire to walk alongside survivors in a wholistic way to equip them for the fully restored life they strive for.  Our goal is to provide housing assistance, continued counseling, job skill training, financial management guidance, mentoring, and spiritual growth opportunities for women who are ready to build an independent and thriving life.

Please stay in touch to learn more about how these initiatives are developing!


 "Ziva" is a Hebrew word meaning "radiance" or "light of God." We do our work so that as we heal, we can more & more reflect the light of God and radiate the beauty of who we are created to be.

Yes, the world of human trafficking is dark.  But we believe that there is hope for healing as God renews and restores the broken places.  As we heal and grow, the radiance of our uniquely crafted lives begins to shine.  

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