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The problem of human trafficking is huge, both globally and domestically. The resources are slim, and the devastation is profound. The magnitude of the problem is almost paralyzing. For several years, we (Chris Turnbull and Carmen Biggs, co-founders of Ziva Network) felt compelled to do something to help. Yet at every turn, we felt nearly overwhelmed with how to begin; until one day, we looked at one another and said we can’t NOT do SOMETHING any longer. So, we decided to begin where we were and with what we had.  For us, that was a dream and a tea shop. Knowing that we ultimately wanted to work directly with survivors, we also knew that in our community we lacked three basic necessities… awareness, a network of support, and funding. So, we conceived the idea to begin with a retail space that would allow us to begin the conversation about human trafficking in our community and at the same time, begin to network with like-minded individuals who were willing to join the cause.  Proceeds from our store would allow us to raise funds to help us launch our efforts.  We launched HumaniTea in 2018 as a tea room and artisan gift shop that served responsibly sourced teas and quality gifts obtained from local and global crafters who play a role in trafficking prevention and recovery support. We may not be able to tackle the entire trafficking industry, but we could begin to make a difference one cup, one story, and one life at a time.  We are so grateful that our community has embraced our store and our mission. Ours is a small store nestled in a small tourist town along the coast of Lake Michigan. Because people come to visit our beautiful town from near and far, we have had so many opportunities – even from our tiny corner of the world – to engage in meaningful conversations about trafficking with our customers. Many customers consistently and generously donate hygiene pantry items to the donation bin in our store, which are then distributed to survivors in the Muskegon area through an established human trafficking support organization, the Hope Project. We have been given opportunities to speak to community and church groups, to train local emergency responders about human trafficking, and even to host a respite retreat for the staff of the Hope Project.  In early 2023, we were thrilled to be able to establish Ziva Network as a 501c3 non-profit organization, which will continue to work toward resourcing anti-trafficking agencies and survivors so they can Renew, Restore, and Radiate the life God intended for them.   HumaniTea is an amazing little tea shop. We are proud of the quality we pour into every cup, whether it is tea, or sipping chocolate, or kombucha, or coffee. We are proud that it is welcoming and inviting. And we are proud that our business makes a difference. Even as a small little store in a small little town, we are making an impact. We are having important conversations about big issues. We don’t have to be the biggest or the richest, we just have to be the best stewards of what is in our hands, and I believe we are doing that. At the end of the day, that is what we are most proud of.  Ziva Network is just beginning as an organization, but we am proud that we are beginning. That we are starting. That we are giving it our best run and our best effort. That we didn’t put our “holy discontent” to support survivors on the shelf because it felt too big or too hard. So here we go… We will learn. We will grow. And we will do everything we can to bring hope into the dark places.


The following businesses and non-profits are doing amazing things!  They are a few of the organizations who have made a significant impact on the inception and launch of Ziva Network. 

HumaniTea:  a tea & artisan gift shop that exists to raise awareness and generate funds for anti trafficking efforts.  HumaniTea's owners are the founders of Ziva Network.

House & Harbor:  a candle company with a mission to give back to anti human trafficking efforts and foster care.  Amazing candles.  Amazing people.  

Hope Project:  An anti human trafficking organization serving the western Michigan region.  They are changing lives in profound ways and have played a significant role in guiding the first steps of Ziva..

Community Foundation:  a non-profit that is resourcing strong communities.  This foundation holds Ziva's Human Trafficking & Victim Support fund.

Click on the icon to link to their websites to check them out!

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